The Basic Components that Drive Results

The basic components that drive results may differ slightly in each call center but fundamentally, we have found that these components are most critical. 
The top three are:

Accounts or Customers

We have to start with our focus, meaning the type of accounts you service and/or the people you service.

Means of Contact

How do you reach your targeted customers or accounts. This could be a dialer, manual calls, letters, or other system mechanisms.


Finally, and just as important as your accounts and customers is your people. You need people to make the contacts.
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Now, each of these are managed differently and may not be managed by the same group. Your business type will dictate the type of accounts/customers you have. Your strategy and risk team often determines the mode of contact. And your leadership will manage your people.
It is important to remember that each component impacts your results. Strategy manages the accounts and means of contact and your leadership manages the people. Even with a good strategy, if the leadership is not strong enough to effectively guide and develop the people, the results will fail.