Empower Your Team Leaders

Equip your team leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive your business forward with CBS Academy's Team Leader Academy modules.

Driving Consistency

Our structured process, the Management Operating System (MOS), provides consistency and structure in a changing environment. 

Enhanced Development

With live video mentoring and feedback from our CBS staff, our course ensures that team leaders can diagnose and develop agents while growing team performance.

Unlocking Success

The MOS process includes the CBS Call Model, Negotiation Flow Charts and the corresponding Skill Development Report and Development Ladder, creating a skill-based development process for agents and team leaders.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our modules cover a range of MOS components such as Call Calibrations, Reports, Individual Development Plans, Lesson Plans, Team Development, and Time Management.

Strengthening MOS Processes

Each learning component enhances the Team Leader's ability to lead the ground-level MOS process, while also aiding Department Managers in their coaching and development of their reporting Team Leaders.
Complete the course and receive certification, plus gain access to live video mentoring and feedback to ensure success in leading your team.

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