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MOS Coaching Tip

Find Strengths and
Build on Them

Being a leader in a call center means not just fixing problems but spotting the strengths that make our agents shine. Let's keep it simple and focus on a few tips to discover those hidden gems and help them grow.

Listen Up

Start by tuning in during calls. What makes your agents stand out? Is it their friendly tone, problem-solving skills, or maybe how they handle tricky situations? Listen closely, and you'll catch those strengths.

High-Five Moments

Celebrate the wins, even the small ones. Did an agent handle a tough call smoothly? Give them a virtual high-five. Recognizing and acknowledging their successes boosts confidence and encourages them to keep rocking those skills.

Friendly Chats

Have a friendly chat during breaks or one-on-ones. Ask about their favorite part of the job or what they enjoy doing most. Sometimes, strengths show up in these everyday conversations.

Skill Swap

Encourage agents to share skills. Maybe someone's a pro at calming down upset customers, while another rocks at explaining complex stuff. A little skill swap session can help them learn from each other.

Learn by Doing

Hands-on learning is gold. Let them tackle different types of calls. They might discover strengths they never knew they had. Plus, it keeps things interesting!

Feedback Fuel

Offer regular feedback. Let them know what they're doing well and how it's making a difference. Positive feedback is like fuel for growth.
Leaders, finding and building on our agents' strengths is like planting seeds in a garden. With a little attention and care, those strengths will bloom, making our call center an even more awesome place to be.