MOS Coaching Tip

How to Schedule

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In a dynamic call center environment, scheduling continuous development is crucial for both individual growth and overall team success. As a team leader, scheduling and conducting development sessions with your agents can significantly contribute to their professional development and the success of the team. 
Here are five tips to help you effectively organize and execute these sessions:

Clear Communication is Key

Before scheduling a development session, communicate with your agents about the purpose and benefits of the session. Clearly outline the goals and expectations to ensure alignment and enthusiasm. Establish an open line of communication, encouraging agents to express their concerns or topics they'd like to focus on during the session.

Strategic Calendar Invitations

When scheduling development sessions, it's essential to make it official by sending calendar invitations. Ensure that the subject line clearly indicates the purpose of the session, making it easy for agents to identify. For example, "Professional Development Session: Enhancing Customer Engagement Skills." Include details such as the session agenda, location (if applicable), and any pre-session preparation instructions.

Create a Resource Hub

Establish a centralized repository for development resources that agents can access before and after sessions. This could include training materials, guides, and best practices. Providing ongoing access to valuable resources enables agents to reinforce their learning and continuously apply new skills. A resource hub fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the team.

Plan Ahead for Session Success

As a team leader, it's your responsibility to prepare for the development session in advance. Review relevant documents, analyze individual performance data, and identify areas for improvement. Having a clear plan ensures that the session is focused and addresses specific developmental needs. This proactive approach also shows agents that you value their time and are committed to their growth.

Preparation is the Key to Productivity

Encourage agents to come prepared for the session by specifying the items they need to bring. This could include reports, performance metrics, or specific examples of challenges they've encountered. Setting expectations for preparation not only maximizes the effectiveness of the session but also demonstrates the importance of active participation and engagement.