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MOS Coaching Tip

The Importance of %PTP

The promises taken percentage is a key metric in collections that measures the effectiveness of the collection process in securing commitments from our customer to make payments. This percentage is important because it provides insights into the success rate of obtaining promises and the level of customer engagement. 

High PTP

A high promises taken percentage indicates that the agent is skilled in their Opening, in their ability to keep the customer online, asking relevant questions, recognizing when a customer is exhibiting an emotion, and ensuring they are assertive throughout the conversation.  


On the other hand, a low promise taken percentage may indicate potential issues in the collection process, such as ineffective communication, inadequate negotiation skills, or insufficient understanding of customer needs. It can highlight areas for improvement and help identify training needs or process adjustments to enhance performance and increase promises taken.

Ultimately, the promises taken percentage is a valuable performance indicator in collections, serving as a measure of success in obtaining customer commitments and driving successful account resolution.