Taking Good Notes / How to Coach

Taking copious notes while evaluating a call can be beneficial in several ways. For one, it allows you to recall and remember important details discussed during the conversation. Additionally, taking diligent notes can also help you identify strengths and opportunities for the agent.

By keeping detailed notes during a call, coaching effectively becomes easier. You can go back and reference the details of the conversation to better understand where your agent may be struggling or where they excel. By doing so, you’ll be able to tailor your coaching advice to meet their unique needs.

Taking notes can also help you to identify skills that the agent needs to improve for the month. By keeping track of what they say on the call and what needs to be addressed, you can work with them to set achievable goals that will benefit them moving forward.  

For example, you may notice that the agent struggles with angry customers. Writing details about what the customer said and how the agent responded will help you coach to that specific scenario and Bridging skill. Also, you can use the exact verbiage from the customer to roleplay with your agent.  

Additionally, useful notes can facilitate follow up questions about concerns raised by the agent. During a conversation, it may become evident that they are having difficulties with another skill, like Avoiding Early Termination. Making a note of the agent’s concern allows you to keep track of possible opportunities to address in the future. Please note, that you should not stop coaching on the skill for the month (Bridge), you are only making note of a skill to watch for once the agent has mastered the current skill focus.  

In conclusion, taking copious notes during a call is a crucial step to coaching effectively. It allows you to recall important details, identify patterns or areas where your agent might struggle and explore potential solutions, set achievable goals, and tailor your coaching approach to the individual's specific and unique needs. Through the help of detailed notes, coaching can facilitate incremental improvement in areas like productivity, communication, and overall goal attainment.
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