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What Drives Production?

In any call center, there is a focus on Production Drivers. Fundamentally, the drivers begin with the strategy of delivering the right accounts in an effective manner to your people. We can define Production Drivers in three parts: Strategy, People, and Performance.


Strategy is all about the process used to determine what is high risk, medium risk and low risk and the method used to address each risk. This may be about allocating resources based on pay and skill level to get the best results overall. Thus, we begin with “driving” the right material into the hands of our agents. This typically means any accounts that need a person contact, as we do not want to waste payroll on accounts that collect without a contact.


Next, is the People. This is the next biggest investment and focus any company can make – from hiring to training to on-going development. Overall, ensuring you have the right people in the right positions to achieve your desired outcomes is critical. This would also include having effective leadership to hire, train, coach, and develop these agents. 


Finally, once you have the right Strategy and the right People, you have to manage the Performance. At CBS Academy, we focus on the skills to convert each Right Party Contact to a Promise to Pay to a Promise Kept that brings in significant dollars overall. The goal is to balance efficiency with effectiveness. Any imbalance could create a loss in Performance or a negative impact to the Strategy. Remember to check what you are measuring as that will reflect what you are getting (You get what you measure). 

Overall, keeping a focus – which should translate to a daily touchpoint on each component of the Production Drivers - will aid in overall success where Performance is concerned. Once you have an effective Strategy in place, the next importance is the People as they will greatly influence your overall Performance. Check what you are measuring and validate the results with what you hear on each call. Be okay with making adjustments to the Strategy or moving the People around to get the best Performance. Just remember, these Production Drivers need continual re-evaluating for the best outcome.