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MOS Coaching Tip

Profiling Your Team

Team profiling in collections call centers is a crucial task that helps monitor and improve agent performance. By effectively utilizing team profiles, Team Leaders can ensure that agents are meeting their goals and contributing to overall team success. This week, we'll explore the key steps involved in creating and utilizing Team Profiles.


We have four essential rungs: Utilization, Promise to Pay, Promise Kept, and Average Dollar. Each of these metrics provides valuable insights into an agent's performance and contribution to the team's goals. Remember, the agent can be placed under Utilization, which is based on behavior, and either Promise to Pay, Promise Kept, or Average Dollar – which all are driven by skill usage. Use the Development Ladder to determine what skill influences each metric.

Performance Mapping

When creating your Team Profile, it's important to place each agent on a specific rung of the ladder based on their performance in a key metric. Use your Skills Development Report to find where agents fall below the standard. Look through the report from left to right to see which skill they first miss the standard in. This decides which rung they belong under. Once you list their name, include the percentage from the Skills Development Report next to it.

Goal Projection

Once agents are assigned to their respective rungs on the ladder, include their percentage in that area beside their name. Then, calculate the projected increase needed for each agent to reach their goal. This calculation involves determining how many metrics each agent needs to improve to meet their target performance level. Remember to modify the targeted goal if necessary to ensure everyone has an achievable goal. The total projected increase for each section is rolled up to create team-wide goals. 

On Top of the Ladder

Note: The only time someone is placed on top of the ladder is if they have met all of the standards. Only then, would you place them above the rung that you want them to focus on for the month. Do not forget their skill that they will work on, as every Agent should be focused on a skill. 

Behavior or Skill Set

Next, include the specific behavior and skill set each agent will focus on for the month. Be precise, such as AET-Time or Outbound Opening. The Team Profile tells the story of your team, so ensure your narrative is clear and includes all relevant details.


Make sure you compare “apples to apples”. This means that all the people on your profile are grouped with others who work in a similar group and approximately the same hours. This way your comparisons are more accurate, and you are able to provide the best possible explanation of your team’s monthly performance. 
Team profiling is a valuable tool for Team Leaders in collections call centers to monitor and improve agent performance. By effectively utilizing team profiles and following the tips outlined in our Leadership Tip of the Week, Team Leaders can empower their agents to reach their full potential and drive success for the entire team.