Lesson series
MOS Coaching Tip

The Importance of
Starting with Numbers

Before diving into creating individual development plans (IDPs) for your agents, it is important to examine the numbers meticulously. The significance lies in the numbers' ability to serve as a compass, guiding us to pinpoint specific metrics where agents may fall short of standards.

By thoroughly examining performance metrics, we gain insights into areas requiring improvement. This data-driven approach enables a targeted identification of skills and competencies directly linked to the deficient metrics. Only through this comprehensive analysis can we create tailor-made IDPs that address agents' unique needs and identify their areas of opportunities. This ensures a strategic alignment between skill development initiatives and organizational objectives, fostering a more effective and efficient enhancement of individual and team performance.

In essence, beginning with a numerical evaluation provides a solid foundation for crafting IDPs that are not just personalized but also precisely calibrated to drive meaningful improvements in agent performance.
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