Questions and Answers

Answers to the most common questions

Why do we listen to calls?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming a Blurb affiliate.

How do we often misdiagnose the call skill?

  • Sometimes what you hear first is what you latch on to when it may be something that happens later in the call
  • We don’t listen to the root of the problem
  • We don’t listen to enough calls

What should we do when an Agent is not improving?

  • Check what we have coached (what did we tell them to fix?)
  • Did we assume they know how to do it correctly?
  • Did we explain the connection of the skill to their results?
  • Did we misdiagnose the skill?
  • Did we choose a skill that doesn't fit the output? (Did we choose a call with an opportunity in Avoid Early Termination, for example, but the customer gave a Promise to Pay?)